Mar 23, 2023

Kailash Children’s Home


On 27th October 2007 the New Kailash Home was officially inaugurated by the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J.Powell. In addition, we had over 60 plus visitors from overseas that had travelled to Nepal especially to attend this wonderful event -

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Kailash Children’s Home

During the opening the children entertained our guest by performing traditional dances and music. The construction of the home was completed in just less than a year, which by any standards is a great achievement, but in Nepal a miracle! Thank you to all our donors and supporters for giving our children such a good house to stay in. The Kailash home is now home to 105 children and provides much improved facilities and play space.


New Kailash Home Contact Numbers: Phone: ( 4800974, 4800808 )

On 4th January 2008 all the operation of home were moved to New Kailash Home. It took us days to plan, a week to move and weeks to settle down. Finally we have our own home where all our children can live with peace. Moving from Old to New Kailash home

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