School Farewell!! 2014 School Leaving Batch!

Mar 23, 2023

As a saying goes “ All good thing must come to an end!”, our school life ended with a farewell function given by the students of grade 6,7,8 and 9. Today is 26th February, the day we the batch of 2070 B.S were given a farewell. As I was entering the school gate, Durga Mom and Lalit Sir who had decorated the dining hall for the function said, “Captain! Go inside and check it out!”. Of course this made me curious so I along with my friend Phu Dolma hurried inside. All the students were gathering at the windows of the dining hall where charts with photographs, messages etc had been posted. As we went through the charts and photographs it was already 9.30am by which the program was about to start. So the students of Grade X along with the teachers took their seats inside the dining hall. The program started with a dance from the girls of grade 9 and it was followed by other performances until the last program dhori ( a typical Nepali song ) followed as the tradition of the Young hearts. It was sung by the students of grade 9 along with the composer-our math teacher Mr Surendra Sharma. Then there was a ceremony for the distribution of token of love along with the wishes and gifts from our Principal Mr. Vijay Rai and our Hostel Manager Mr. Lopsang Lama. It was followed by a speech from our principal. It was then the school captain ( my ) turn and then the Vice – Captain ( Aman ).

Though the program had been for more than two hours it felt like only 30 seconds had passed. We had a great day taking pictures, shedding tears, laughing, whining…. the list goes on. Though people say that “school life is a golden life”, I don’t know if I can put it the same way. It is so because gold has a certain value, on the other hand I don’t think I can estimate the value of my school life. I will miss my school life a lot as it is connected to so many memories with my beloved friends and teachers. I will always cherish these memories.

Lastly, coming back to where I was I would like to thank everyone for making the day such a memorable one. Love you all.

Tsering Dolker Gurung, X, Young Hearts Boarding School, Narayantar, Kathmandu

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