Mar 22, 2023

A small country called Nepal


Nepal is a small country but is a hotspot destination for the tourist from around the world. Nepal is also rich in cultural diversity. It is a common home of many ethnicities that have their own distinctive living styles and special heritage and it is a sacred land for Hindus and Buddhist from around the world. Nepal is rich in tourist destinations. Actually it is like a small world in itself because it has great natural and cultural diversities. Cultural life of Nepal is also colorful and alluring. Besides diverse plants and animals, it also invites many tourists for recreation as well as studies and researches.


There are so many other things to describe our small country. Our country is small but has a lot of challenges. For e.g. political instability, under utilization of natural resources, low economic status, violence against women, illiteracy, lack of education, awareness, foreign employment and others.

Talking about the challenges of Nepal I would like to share few views of major challenges of Nepal. “ Foreign Employment” –Nepal’s economy is too dependent on exporting labors. We know the volume of Nepalese moving out for foreign employment is really bulky. The immediate benefit of foreign employment is attractive but the long run this is not good. The bulk of manpower being drained out is a great loss for the country. Our resources are wasted due to lack of such initiatives. So we must creat job opportunities for more and more people in the country. Nepalese will feel proud to be employed in their own nation. We have to train them for jobs. Investment in business and business should be raised. We must develop our own country and in this way win the respect of the countries. Progress of Nepal is progress of every Nepali. Every Citizen must assimilate this feeling. The government must make a long term policy and programs to exploit the valuable human resources here within the country.

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