Participating in RYLA program 2014

Mar 23, 2023

After a week of anticipation; on 14 Th January I headed out for Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program in Palpa. A program on the theme “youth for peace and development” organized by International Rotary Club. It is an intensive training program of 5 days under an age of 14-18 for further development of character and leadership skill. I have no idea what really does this program is before I could actually go there and experience it. It came to know that this program is all about giving siminars, workshop, camps and competition within the participants and there were maximum 60 participants from all over the district.

It was 10 hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Palpa, tansen without any riding phobia. I reached there at 5 in the evening and drove to New Horizon Higher secondary School which happened to be the program venue. Under the instruction of the president there I was given a comfortable accommodation with the girl’s hostel until next morning more participants arrived. At 11 pm all the registration and CV submission were done further participants were provided with RYLA’s uniform as; Dhaka-topi (cap), Dhaka-bag, notebook and shirt which we had to wear every day. Around 5 pm inauguration ceremony began where the entire chief and distinguished guest gave speech emphasizing bout the Rotary Club, explaining the rules and schedule of the 5 day camp. All the 60 participant were divided in 4 groups; Attitude, behavior, character and discipline. I was on for Attitude with 14 other members. The rules imply all the teams work together till the end of the camp. The next day 1; we had a tough schedule. From 6 am to 7am we had a yoga session and the funniest part comes where we had to dance at “dori”(folklore) song. Of course nobody did besides a few one. After breakfast we had peace rally movement from Tundikhel to Tansen Tundikhel, Makhantole, Badigyantole, and Tundikeh and back to venue. The rally took entirely 4 hour. After lunch at 1 we had 4 sessions on youth for peace and development, Time management, building self confidence and self self esteem and leadership and team building. It was a whole lot but some topics were really interesting. The next 2 days follow the same schedule apart from the rally part. On the day 3; we had speech, singing, dancing and poem competition. Along with sports and diary completion, I   did took part in sports, poem and diary competition. I didn’t win in fact. 4 Th day we had a drama competition. Our theme was “youth in drugs addiction” and I really had a fun part playing there.  The 5 Th day we had sessions on; art of public speaking and communication, planning for future goal and setting it.  Waiting for this day to come we had a visit places of the interest at 10 pm. We did visit to historical places like Bhairusthan temple, Amar Narayan temple, Shree narayan temple, Tansen Durbar Square and finally back to venue. Palpa as I come to know is the second Darjeeling that we know of is settled in the hill side. One of the Asian biggest gates is situated here. Around 5 the closing ceremony began. Every participant was called off the stage to receive the certificate. Award winning participants were also announced and we won for the best team! After all the thank you speech the program came to the end. The 5 days program indeed came to the end and I could already feel the bitter atmosphere in the air. I couldn’t believe it was the last day and I was already wishing to be 18 again!!!

This RYLA program though it emphasis about the Rotary Club I feel I made a lot of difference. Difference in a way I played my part as a youth in a convincing the youth in me, a difference to lead myself before I learn to lead the next person. A lot more difference by sharing the expression I have and gaining the say of others which is all I could learn from the team I was tagged as” Attitude”.  And this 5 day program confined me that when I returned back I am therefore to play the youth in me and over all at least emphasis the motto of “peace through service”. I am extremely thankful to my dear sponsor Sharon and Marc Hegel and Hcf for always being supportive without which this opportunity will be a far off vision. I had the best moment there in palpa and really missed those kind friends there. Thank you Palpa! for the exciting trip!

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