• Education

    We presently have a 92 children in our program 46 boys and 46 girls. All 85 children are accommodated in the HCF-run hostel...

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  • Health Care
    Health Care

    Appropriate medical care is necessary for the youth to perform optimally both at school and at home. A doctor of western medicine visits the Kailash Hostel...

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  • Children’s Home
    Children’s Home

    On 27th October 2007 the New Kailash Hostel was officially inaugurated by the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J.Powel...

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  • Community Water Project
    Community Water Project

    The aim of the project was to bring a fresh water supply to the Kailash Home as well as improve the existing supply from the local community. A total of US$ 10,000 was estimated to fund the...

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