We provide the children with a secure and homelike environment

the Himalayan Children’s Foundation (HCF) was founded in 1997 by a group of young and energetic Nepali social workers with the objective of improving the education, health and living condition of helpless, poor and orphaned children from the mountain districts of Nepal. Particular focus is placed on the Tibetan border regions of Dolpo, Mustang, Manang, Gorkha, Baglung and Solukhumbu etc. Due to the remoteness of these areas, basic education is essentially unavailable.

The Himalayan Childrens’ Foundation (HCF) family

The main aim of HCF is to provide the children with a secure and homelike environment give them the opportunity of a decent education and, in the long term, enable them to become independent and self-supporting. HCF is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious Non-Government Organization (NGO), registered with Government of Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

HCF believes that many individuals and groups, that know and love Nepal, are looking for ways to help the country develop and it is clear that a good education for children is a major factor in achieving the long term sustainable development of the country


  • Himalayan Youth Foundation – UK
    Himalayan Youth Foundation – UK

    HYF UK – Caring and Educating Today, HYF UK cares for over 200 children in Nepal and Bhutan and has been able to finance the construction of purpose-built facilities at each location with the help of its generous sponsors. HYF UK is a well-run foundation concentrating on providing a quality home and educational experience for […]

  • The Himalayan Youth Foundation (HYF-US)
    The Himalayan Youth Foundation (HYF-US)

    is devoted to the advancement of education of destitute children in the Himalayan region, by providing direct assistance to children in need or supporting other organizations or foundations that are active in the region and have similar objectives. Himalayan Youth Foundation actively supports HCF. This connection gives HCF a much larger exposure in the US […]

  • The Mountaineer’s for Himalayas Foundation- Andorra:
    The Mountaineer’s for Himalayas Foundation- Andorra:

    We are very grateful to Oriol Ribas, President of the Andorran Mountaineering Foundation, Fundacio Muntanyencs per L’Himalaia (MFH) who has been a strong supporter of HCF since 2002. MFH have provided financial help for various projects and currently sponsor 28 children.9 of them who tragically lost their fathers in a helicopter crash in May 2003. […]